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20+ Architects Who Failed Their Only Job

Since the economy is doing quite good the last few decades, people no longer live in caves or a hut, most of us live in any kind of structure with walls, glass doors, windows, and roofs that were designed nicely. Construction jobs became almost the most desired professions that we know, since everyone wants to live in a beautiful place.

Working as an architects is never an easy job. There’s little room for error, and any mistakes that you do make are going to be there on display for all to see for as long as the thing you designed is standing. But as you can see from these funny fails compiled by┬áthe team, some architects are determined to leave their mark on the world in one way or another. Sure they screwed up, but hey, at least you’ll remember their masterpieces of modern architecture!

From garage doors finding their way on the third floor of an apartment building, many engineering fails concerning stairs and of course, miscellaneous epic fails of grandiose scale – you’ll find it all and many more in this list. Feel free to add your own funny pictures, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite design fails!

#1 At least, no one can see your face!

#2 We’re all going nowhere in the end. We just have to decide how we want to get there.

#3 Least they could have done is mount a TV on the opposite wall.

#4 Stylish translucent privacy barriers!

#5 Public toilet for besties??

#6 When your kitchen is purely for decoration.