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20+ Amazing Pics Of Reality vs Expectations

What I ordered… what I got.

Slim fit longline tank top.

My “Loaded” Nacho Taco from Taco Bell

Happy Easter.

New townhouse development in Poland. Computer rendering in top half and delivered products at the bottom

How I, A Woman In My Mid-Twenties, Look When I Put My Hair Half Up

What scientists predicted the black hole would look like vs how it actually looks

Tried a mirror glaze.

Candy bucket and scoop like they have at the candy stores.

Thank you KFC, very cool


Every time I try to make Scary Monster for D&D I get some Cute Little Cuddly Things like this (Mimic made from poly-clay)

The wedding cake we ordered vs the cake we picked up.

Tried to make a cute elephant cake for my sister

When you ask for a cake with “a unicorn” on it

High waisted jeans on a short person. I look like Steve Urkel!

Left pic is what I asked for, right pics are what I ended up with.

Tried to make Flameskull from D&D. Instead got cute skull in the grass (made from poly-clay)

So I bought this bag for my dog who is 15lbs. It said it can carry dogs up to 20.

One cake turned out a little better and one turned out a little worse! I was worried the client would be disappointed with Wonder Woman but she seemed happy with both cakes.

Yikes, who’d buy that anyway?

The ONE time I treat myself to breakfast on my way to work..

Unicorn ballon

I ordered a felt fox online

I adopted a cat yesterday.

Elsa the ice queen to ‘not-so-elsa’ the evil supremo

Charming Christmas tree to clueless cringy tree

Why? Just whyyy!!!*

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