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10+ Hysterical Photos Showing the Lies We All Tell on Social Media

Social media brings us the joy of communication and also an endless stream of personal photos. Perfect bodies, luxurious cars and phones, expensive vacations, and adorable animals — social media dazzles us with these photos. Admit it, you have a profile on at least one social media platform. This statistic shows that there are at least 53 million Facebook users in the US. Every day we open different apps and scroll through the timelines. Most Internet users tend to sugarcoat their lives, belongings, body shapes, etc. People attempt to be better than they really are. They thoughtfully create their image on social media, they choose a special angle and a successful pose for each photo, they adjust the lights properly, and then Photoshop the photo.

We found some “behind-the-scenes” photos of gorgeous shots from social media. Turns out, believing everything you see on the Internet is never a good idea.

1. Things we do for a good photo

2. “Trying to take a nice photo of our pets”

3. An attempt to be the perfect family

4. Keeping a healthy diet

5. Loving each other

19 Hilarious Photos Showing the Lies We All Tell on Social Media

6. “The cuteness of our pets as it is”

7. The neatest person of the year

8. “Finally nailed swimming on the inflatable ring!”

9. Being that loving couple

10. What hides behind this flawless skin?

11. The reality of cuddling with our partners

12. When we try to show our best side:

19 Hilarious Photos Showing the Lies We All Tell on Social Media

13. Traveling to the nicest places can be surprising.

14. A tasty-looking healthy breakfast

15. Beauty when no one is watching



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